Servicing Houston Commercial Real Estate for 40 Years

Evans Properties

Evans Properties was formed in 1971 as a vehicle for brokering and syndicating land investments in the outlying perimeter of Houston. Notably, Joe Evans pointed his investors toward the Katy area, the Northwest Houston area, and the FM 1960 corridor, at a fortuitous time, prior to large-scale development taking hold. These early investments showed tremendous appreciation in a relatively short period of time as the developers’ interest on those areas magnified.

Evtex Management Corp.

Evtex Management Corp. was created in 1990 to fulfill a client’s request for management and leasing services after Joe Evans, served as procuring broker in the acquisition of 5100 Westheimer in Houston, Texas.

Evtex Companies

Evtex Companies was born in 2003, when Janae Evans joined the Evtex Companies to facilitate the growing needs of the Evtex leasing services. Janae brought her extensive depth of experience to lend valuable perspective to complex transactions which require an intricate knowledge of the lease process and has expanded the leasing initiative of Evtex Companies dramatically.

The Evtex Companies experience and level of dedication has led us to distinguish ourselves in the Greater Houston market. We strive to do business with those who embrace a similar philosophy. The mission for the Evtex Companies will never be undermined by a fixation to grow the company at the expense of our ability to fulfill our client’s goals.

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